God of All My Seasons

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 God is here all the time

God of All My Seasons looks at God presence in our lives in all our seasons. Life does not always bring what we expect. We sometimes feel sad and it seems everything is against us. We fall and struggle to get up again. We sometimes lack things and then have them in abundance. Sometimes we feel ill and then healthy. Sometimes you live in fear and then feel protected. These are seasons of our life. We will have a season where everything goes very well.  Then go through a season where we encounter problems in life which challenges us to change of lives. We find ourselves fighting the same battle every year. We sometimes have a feeling of giving up in life. It is because we feel that the burden is too much. Some of the burdens make us to give up in life.

This book teaches about the way we need to relate to God. It will teach you that when you are sick, He is there to heal you. When you lack anything then He will provide. He will fight for you when you are battling with your enemies. It is through tough seasons in our lives that we think that God is not with us. We ask ourselves, why do we have such problems if God loves us?


Download and distributed to your family and friends.

This is the information about the book

Media Release God of All My Season.pdf Media Release God of All My Season.pdf
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God of all my seasons.pdf God of all my seasons.pdf
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 These are the scriptures used in the book.

MarkBook.pdf MarkBook.pdf
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Type : pdf
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