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Be unique and proud about your dream


In the communities we live in it is often difficult to look different. When you want to do something different then you might find resistance from your family. People are always comfortable with tried and tested methods. But these methods might not bring you happiness and success you want.

I remember when I was about to finish school and most of my friends wanted to be business and human resource managers. It looked cool at the moment. But I always had a dream of being a chemical engineer. I remember the moments some of my friends used to laugh at me because they did not understand what the career was all about. I did not as well. But I still kept that dream and went on to graduate in difficult conditions. Today I am living my dream and working on projects worth billions as a lead chemical engineer. I would not have reached this point if I did try to fit in. I would have been either unemployed or a miserable human resource manager somewhere. So look at your life and check whether you are trying to be unique or to fit in. If you try to fit in then you are defeating the whole purpose of life, which is uniqueness. You are trying to live a life that is not designed for you by God. Look at the lives of Bill gates and Steve Jobs. These are the people who revolutionised the IT industry. If they did not try to be unique and fit in the ways and understanding of community, then we will still be stuck with typewriters.

So I encourage you to be unique. Do follow your dream. Do not be ashamed of it even if you do not understand it yourself. Fulfil your purpose and do not try to be a copy of others. Most of the young people today are unemployed and frustrated. This is all because most are trying to copy others than trying to be unique. When you are unique then you will not start a car wash just because your friends started one. But you will use your talents and motivation to achieve your unique dream.

God has given you a talent and try to find it then use it. Most people fail in life not because they have not tried but because they never used their talents. Move away from people who always tell you that you cannot do it. But show passion. Remember nothing you do that is easy can make you successful. For you to be unique you need to work hard, be disciplined and set your goals. Laziness can never make you reach any goal. I spend sleepless nights at school and university working towards my goal. That sacrifice is paying off today. You need to sacrifice entertainment, relationships and popularity for you to achieve success. I always motivated myself with the fact that I should sacrifice everything for five years and live fifty years enjoying life. So be unique and see the success that you will achieve. If you have dreams then follow it even if your friends laugh at you. Start being unique today and change your life for the best.

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Fortiscue Helepi a.k.a Life Motivator

Author and Motivational Speaker

Posted on 11 July 2012



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