Living Life That Pleases God

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Living lifea that pleases God is a book that teaches about the important things we need to do in our lives that our Lord Jesus Christ taught us. This book explores questions that I asked God in way of understanding, how to live life that pleases Him? The answers provided are from the Bible. I was inspired by the way these topics helped people whom I shared these with, and I decided to write a full book. This book indicates that living life that pleases God:

·                     Is not easy because you need to follow the God’s word,

·                     Is not only about you, but also about helping, blessing, loving, and forgiving others,

·                     Is  about growing in the knowledge of God, and

·                     Is about having a genuine relationship with God.

Living life that pleases God is not easy it is a journey that you will need to start and learn as you go along. I hope that you will find this book helpful. I pray that the Lord guides you as you endeavour into this journey.

Book Information:


A5 size (190 mm X 130 mm)

Book has 13 chapters and 163 pages.

ISBN: 978-1-920411-06-0

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Download below the sample chapter of the book: 

Living Life that Pleases God screne.pdf Living Life that Pleases God screne.pdf
Size : 83.443 Kb
Type : pdf


Most powerful book”

                                                                   -  DJ Sis V, Karabo FM

 “This book will inspire you to get to know God”

                                                                   -  Daily Sun

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