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Life Motivation

This blog is about living life to the fullest. The advises are to encourage you to live a happy life and enjoy every minute of it.

Honesty is the foundation of my life

What is the foundation of your life? Foundation is critical when you are building the house. We ensure that we do not take the short cuts when we are in this phase of the building project. We know that we need to put more effort in this phase. It needs to be the same for our relationships. It can be relationship with your spouse, children, parents, colleagues and friends. Honesty needs to be the foundation. If we are not honest, it does not matter how much you put in the relationship. Everything will come down if we do not ensure that the foundation is perfect. Honesty is the fuel for living life to the fullest. Be honest and you will see clear benefits in your life. Life Motivator. Follow me on twitter:

Posted 406 weeks ago

Living Life to the Fullest

We always look around for happiness. We blame others for our sad situations. It is time to realise that happiness starts with you. You are in the position to choose living life to the fullest. How do you do this? Show love to others. Help those that need your help. Forgive others and most importantly forgive yourself. Stop worrying because there is no problem bigger than God. You have survived bigger problems than this one. Always acknowledge your achievements because it makes you appreciate your efforts. Surround yourself with positive people who support you. Remember you only live once. So live life to the fullest and enjoy it. Life Motivator. Check my website:

Posted 406 weeks ago
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