Life Poem of the Month

Life is honest

by Fortiscue Helepi


I may lie to myself about my achievements, but life is honest.

I may cheat myself all the opportunities available to me, but life is truthful.

I may mislead everyone around me about my happiness, but life is decent.

I may misinform my colleagues, but life is upright.

Everything has its own time because life is honest.


I may defraud my clients with their money, but life is reputable.

I may be deceitful about my success, but life is open.

I may be two-faced to my friends, but life is respectable.

I may be dishonest about my behaviour, but life is honest.

Everything has its own seasons because life is reputable.


I may be deceptive to get my riches, but life is truthful.

I may treat the other people poorly, but life is fair.

I may pull other people down, but life is honourable.

I may cheat on my spouse, but life is trustworthy.

Everything has its own moment because life is truthful.

© 2012 Fortiscue Helepi

Posted on 11 July 2012



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